September 14, 2006

Scribe Post: Day 5

Sup, it's DANNY. I'll be your scriber for today!

I apologize if this scribe may have came a little late for some people. I had work after school and only got back just a while ago....I can still feel the pain in my legs =P So if some of you don't see this tonight I'm very sorry.

First, I'd like to say I'm terribly bad at making things look very CrEaTiVe or colourful when I'm actually TRYING to do that instead of just DOING it. Graphics and graphs on the computer aren't my cup of tea either, so PLEASE bare with me. =D

We started things off in class by talking about WIKIS. They're basically websites that are similar to blogs. The only difference is you could change and delete anything you want, including other people's posts. Luckily, if someone were to come by and say delete everything and put down, in the words of Mr.K, "this sucks, this sucks, this sucks", there is a button labelled "history". After you press that button, it shows you the history of the post and what was on it before this PERSON decided to graffiti it. There you can choose "revert to this version" to restore the post back to it's rightful state. Our SCRIBE POST HALL OF FAME is a wiki (

To continue on with this theme, Mr.K talked about Linger's AMAZINGLY AWESOME HALL OF FAME WORTHY scribe. He mentioned how Lindsay (and now me) thought Linger's scribe should be in the HOF. If that's the case however and you do want Linger's scribe to be in the HOF (and you should, have you seen that thing???) then you create either a comment or a post?? I can't quite remember, but:

  • has to include scriber's name

  • the post title

  • the subject reviewed

  • a reason why the scribe should be in the HOF and,

  • your name.

So, the talking continued (that's right, one of those days =P). Mr.K talked about this conference he was apart of that was taking part in Boston I believed? But he was talking with an english teacher who taught in England and South Africa through the Internet and computers I believe. His student's did blogs too and they were thinking of arranging a live event online like a chat or net phone.

After that we worked on Problem 3 from yesterday. For those who choose not to scroll down to see that problem and for me to make this scribe look just a little bit longer, I'll put it up:

Actual World Population Data:

Now, the steps to finding the answers:

  1. Make a list of the data in your calculator by going [STAT] [1] [ENTER]. Now be careful what you use in your calculator for the years. If you were to use say 0 or 1 instead of 1996 you have to have t= 0 in 1996. But for the class we just used 1996 to start the list.

  2. Then [2ND] [Y=] to make sure your plots are turned on and make sure you're using the right list.

  3. Then [ZOOM] [ZOOM STAT], this gives you you're view of the data in plots.

  4. Now we go to [STAT] [right arrow] and choose one (LinReg(ax+b), QuadReg, CubicReg, ExpReg).
  5. The class as a whole tried ExpReg so, [STAT] [right arrow] [0] then [L1], [L2], [VARS] [right arrow] [1] [Y1]

  6. Then take a look at the graph [GRAPH] and it gives you a pretty close graph.
  7. Then we tried LinReg, so basically do everything you did in steps 5 and 6 except you choose LinReg instead of ExpReg. We found it was closer then ExpReg, however here is why it cannot be LinReg. Linear graphs are straight lines while ExpReg are curved lines. This data only shows a small portion of the graph. So even if LinReg seems more accurate it really isn't because it's only showing the accuracy of that ONE SMALL PART. To better understand this I made a little graph

When all is said and done, you use the function that was given to you through the whole steps through 1-6 to find the values, [VARS] [right arrow] [1] [Y1]. Then with Y1 on your calculator's home screen enter (2006) and it should give you a value of 6.5803. If you enter (2040) it should give you a value of 10.3577. The values that Mr.K got from the website where he got the other values do not match the ones we found. That's because it's WAYYYYY too hard to figure out exactly the population of the world in such a FARRRRR period of time. NOTE: IF ANYONE GOT THOSE VALUES DOWN THAT WERE FROM THE SITE, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, THAT'S IF YOU GUYS SEE THIS BEFORE SCHOOL TOMORROW =S.

After spending all that time on that one problem, Mr.K set up the class in four groups of four. He gave us a Lab to do on Exponential Functions. It consisted of 6 problems we had to answer. Here is the actually sheet given to me via e-mail from Mr.K himself (thank you soo much!)..........OKAY! Never mind, I can't give you guys a clear enough picture of it so unfortunately it won't come up. I told you I'm no good at this. It doesn't matter though, you guys all had a chance to see the sheet in class and I won't post of the solutions because that's the classes homework. My group was Manny, Mark, Linger, and myself. Our post of our solutions are already up and that's awesome. Linger did a great job and deserves all the recognition for it. DON'T FORGET TO POST COMMENTS ON EACH OF THE GROUPS POSTS, IT'S PART OF THE HOMEWORK!

Well, that's all I managed to remember or jot down from the class, I hope it's reasonably okay for you guys and doesn't seem to boring (I know it's boring =S), not a bunch of grammar errors an is understandable, that's the most important thing for me. As for the next scribe let me see......hmmm......I'll pick Manny, he's SMART S-M-R-T =D

Remember, there's better things to do then to worry about life!



charlotte said...

hi DAnny, its ok u dont have to apologize. We understand u have work and it's nature u cant do anything about it, but atleast u did had time to make the blog! Wow u actually remember all of what Mr. Kuropatwa said early this morning. Thanks for posting the link, because i would not remember it. As you knw i have a short memory. Oh yeah before i forget theres one thing that i am bothered wid. It's the Yellow writing, i can't read it. Its blurry for me and i get head ache once i tryed to read it, it's because i have a sensitive eye! Please next time try to use other colour that would be readable. Other than that good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

Hats off to you for celebrating another student's good work!! And I think your use of red as you described the steps for using the calculator is excellent!

I don't see Linger in the Hall of Fame yet??