September 14, 2006

Danny, Manny, Mark, Linger

In this lab, our group members consisted of Danny, Manny, Mark and myself. Danny has work and he's today's scribe so make sure to check out his post. Manny is volunteering, and Mark is at the football game, hopefully we win this one. Anyway, that leaves me to post up the answers we came up with in class. Hope you enjoy it =)

1) Similarities:
- Both functions have variables.
- Both functions have inputs.
- Both functions have outputs.
- The graph of a linear functions produces a straight line, and the graph of an exponential function produces a curve.
- The graph of an exponential function has an asymptote, while the graph of a linear function doesn't.
- The basic exponential function has a y-int at (0,1)
- Linear functions have no exponents.

2) The y-int is 3 and the growth factor is 4.


4) a is less than 1, because the graph shows an exponential decay.

5) f(x)=2 (5^x)

6) Explanation;
There are 24 hours in a day. We came up with the equation f(x)=2^(t/6) because the questions states that the bacteria doubles every 6 hours... therefore the growth factor is 2, and t/6 is the exponent. The question also states that the equation we came up with is equivalent to a sixteen fold increase, so we also let that equal f(x). We plugged in the values, and found that they equal each other.


Manny said...

Nice linger! I just got home a few minutes ago from volounteering (still in my outside clothes). I just wanted to clarify that the question said the bacteria multiplies sixteen folds in a day, while it doubles every hour (i think it said that). And that our equation proves it, because our t-value = 24 hours.

If I'm wrong, then you can pinch me.

christian said...

HI! Again, nice post linger. We're almost done our answers. So far, the only thing I've noticed is that your group stated that a linear function has no exponents. I think they do. The variables are to the exponent one (1) I believe. If I'm wrong, like Manny, you can pinch me Linger. Better yet, kick me.

Anonymous said...

Manny, the question said it doubles every six hours... ok that's all I have to add, lol.

lindsay said...

i've just noticed that "danny" and "manny" rhyme. yeah i know that's pretty random. nice post, D,M,M, and L. i agree with your answers. i think i do anyway. =) what's up with everyone wanting you to hurt them? well if all your answers are right, you can give me a hug. and i'm still loving the colours, i will never get over that.

be happy.

Anonymous said...

wow! great job! I agree with your answers. They amek sense to me. Our group got similar answers. I feel relieved to see we were on the right track =).

♫ Jann ♫ said...

Very nice. You guys answered the lab well. Although i have to disagree with one thing. Linear functions DO have an exponent. Its x^1. Other than that, great job!

Unknown said...

Excellent work you 4. Even though my group hasn't yet posted the answers up, i still agree with the answers that you guys came up with. I remember having some of the same answers as you guys too! It's good to know that my group was on the right track as well!

Anh said...

hey, good job Linger. Your group answers look right although everyone is suggesting the point of linear functions having an exponent of 1, perhaps it does?
Im tired from work so see ya tomorrow =)

charlotte said...

Well done linger , im so proud of u. As you can see i made it to the blog. Weell u really did a good job posting the Lab and i thank you for that because even though my group didnt finished the last 3 question, we can now learn how to solve it by jusst looking at ur group's lab!

Mr. Ly said...

LINGER AMAZING! THE COLOURS! THE EXPLAINATIONS! THE ZAA ZAA ZAA! haha! Thanks for posting it, with us three guys being so busy and all, I owe you a lunch. =D

Suzanne said...

Good job guys :) I agree with your answers, excluding the previously mentioned bit about linear functions having an exponent. I like the way you answered question 6, it seems more detailed than what my group did. Also, good job with use of colour and graphs. Obviously you spent a lot of time on making your post stand out. Oh man.. it's already 8, I have to get ready for school :S

JessicaJill said...

You guys have got a lot of info down in the time that we were given. I agree with it all and I just don't know why I couldn't think of any of it, haha.

char__lene said...

gooc job you guys. it seems like you know everything your doing. but i do agree with some people who said that linear functions have an exponent which is one. but over all, your work was very clear and easy to understand.

lindsay said...

good explanataions! i understood how to get the answers. =) good work guys!

crystal said...

What a great post, it makes learning fun! Now that I think about it the questions weren't that hard, it was like a review. I tend to over think too much and use "what if's" a lot. These answers were very thorough and the graphics helped big time. I guess it's still the same if it was written on the blog itself without using photos, BUT I learn way better with graphics that stick out, are appealing, and are summarized well. So....awesome awesome job.

Also, if possible can someone post up the questions for future reviewing. I didn't get a chance to read all of #4-6. Thanks. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I’m thinking you have really autographed your work with excellence! Congratulations!

William James said: “Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second.” Do you feel you found your second wind with this learning?