March 22, 2007


Right now I'm working on the supplementary problems for this chapter, and so far so good. I had some trouble on the pretest yesterday, I think mainly because I didn't practice the different types of problems as much as I should have, so I forgot how to solve them after a few days. But yesterday and today has refreshed the basics of this chapter a little, so I think I can manage tomorrow. I was a bit confused by the density problems, and haven't really tried any outside of class yet, so that's my plan for the immediate future. And I want to work on the average value and mean value stuff too. (Though we didn't do much with the mean value thing, so I don't know if it'll even be on the test.) I have three tests tomorrow though and I still have to study for one of them... but hey, get through tomorrow and it's spring break :) Good luck everyone! Have a nice spring break, preferably homework-free.. preferably somewhere with sandy beaches and no snow.

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