March 22, 2007


This unit was pretty quick. I understood most of what we were learning in class. The only thing I have trouble with if figuring out the image with the shells and all. The picture is what I get mixed up on, then my answer's wrong. In class today, I understood it, so I was happy. I liked this unit. I don't really like the word problems, again because of picturing the problem and the graph. I don't like the density problems I get confused easily. I didn't do very well on the pre-test. It was a lot of guessing. When Mr. K explained it all, it seem so simple. I usually think that it's more complicated than it really is. So I end up doing all this funky complicated stuff. This week was very, very busy. I had four other tests (this one's the last =D!), essays, and articles to do. So, that didn't really help. I'm soooo glad Spring Break is coming up!!

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