April 24, 2007


Believe it or not, we've covered everything in the course!! I'm honestly proud of everyone!! First, Calculus isn't a class that everyone in high school takes. Second, even for the ones who can take it, it's not an easy course to get through. It takes patience and hard work. I'm lucky to be among people who actually care about their education and care about their peers. Thanks you guys for a great year.

The AP Exam is 15 days away. Anyone getting panic attacks yet? Well no one should, haha, we all deserve peace of mind. It boils down to choice, don't you think? This exam doesn't affect our marks after all, so why should we worry about it? Well, this is how I justified the put off homework and lack of prep for quizzes and tests. It wasn't a wise choice.

The reason why I took Calculus was to prepare for University. I've made up my mind even before taking the course that I'd take Calculus in University again. Like Mr. K said, we won't write an exam like this in our lives again. If we get through the AP Exam, it'd help us with our post-high-school education, and that's worth something. Why would anyone take this course in the first place if s/he is not willing to work for it?

We are all aware that we're busy and there are so much things going on in our lives. Honestly, my life doesn't revolve around Calculus. Throughout my high school career, I've worked my butt off. The only time I had a spare, in my almost 4 years at Daniel, is this semester, and even then I'm still having a hard time juggling everything. I'm sure all of us experience this. But we're almost there! Never give up, yeah? It would've been so easy to just drop this course altogether. But we're still here. What might be possible strategies to get through the course? Personally, I like working with other people. Might we do those study groups? Should we have "classes" where we're just having a conversation about Calculus topics, very casual, non-threatening? I think those work.

I'm starting to go through the Scribe Posts throughout the year. Haha, good times. Just before I leave this off, a reminder to everyone that we shouldn't get stressed out. Haha, someone once said, "one has achieved success, he who has lived well, laughed often and loved much". That, for me, is success. Recipe for success is passion + hardwork... then the money starts pouring in.. hurray!

Good night everyone.

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