April 26, 2007

Exam Prep Wiki Solution Manual

As we gear up for the exam two short weeks away I want to push your thinking to yet a higher level. To a level commensurate with what will be required of you on the AP Exam. Towards that end here is your final major assignment (other than the take home exam in May) for the course.

You will collectively create a solutions manual for this course, one question each. Actually, there are two parts to this assignment: A Significant Contribution and a Constructive Modification. Here's what you have to do:

Part 1: A Significant Contribution
to be completed no later than May 2, 2007.

(1) Go to your Solutions Manual wiki (also linked in the side bar right under the Scribe List) and pick one question in the Side Bar list.

(2) Solve the problem completely. Show all work and annotate it as if you were explaining it to a classmate who was having trouble with it. (Similar to the way you write up your scribe posts.)

Part 2: A Constructive Modification
to be completed no later than May 6, 2007.

(1) Scan through the solved problems your classmates have written up. Find one with an error and fix it or correct a diagram or improve on what they wrote if it is unclear in any way or ... there's more about this on the front page of the wiki.

Make certain you always log in to the wiki using your first name. If you don't I won't know what work you have done and will be unable to assign you the marks you earned. Not logging in with your name is the same thing as handing in a paper assignment without putting your name on it. Also, if you've forgotten the password email me and I'll email it back to you.

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