April 15, 2007

Scribe Post

So during Calculus class today we opened up the class reviewing Newton's method, which is used for approximating a nearby value using the slope of a tangent line on a differiential equation. e.g. approximating √(37) from using tangent line at √(36)

Then after that we programed our calculator with Euler's Method, which is just a mechanical process and is explained in the slides below. When you have a function that tells you the rate of change, we'd use this method to solve the differentiable equation. And a diffentiable equation is when one of the variables is a derivative. These problems can also be called initial value problems.

There's not much to explain for what we did in class, as you can see below in the slides.

Homework is chapter 9.3. Next class we'll tackle the newton's law of cooling question.

Next scribe will be Jann.

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