April 23, 2007


Wow our last unit. This unit is alright. I think that the hardest part is figuring out what to do in the beginning. I think I did alright on the pre-test. I keep on forgetting the "C" and it's annoying! That is where I messed up on the last question on the pre-test. it's something that should have been avoided. I really like having the smart board in class. I can go back to check what we did in class. It's a big help. It's too bad we didn't have it at the beginning of the year. Although I find that it takes a little bit longer.

I liked questions like these:

But I'm not so hot with question like these:

because it is so easy for me to mess up on the question. It's just figuring out how to start.

My bio teacher has this thing he calls his students. He calls us all "Dr. Yeah Buts." They think of reasons not to do something like calculus homework. I don't want to be a "Dr. Yeah but," but sadly I am. I think its a very very bad habit to get into since we'll be in university next year. If I can't handle a busy workload in high school, well imagine university.... bahh!

I've started reviewing for the exam last week. It's frustrating because... well it's frustrating. I'm very glad I've stuck with this class. There were countless times where I wanted to drop this class, but I chose not to... plus my mom's a bit scary =S ... in a good way though =P Mom's are good at making you feel guilty....

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