November 08, 2006

BOB #3

This unit on the Definite Integral was very short compared to our last units. However it was still a bit difficult for me during the beginning. As I summarized everything I realized that this was a pretty simple chapter. I thought I knew enough to do well on the test. But when it came to that specific day, I believe it was November 6, I was a bit worried. During that class we were asked about the definitions of some of the words we came across. They were rather simple, I knew how to solve the problem, but I couldn't define it or explain what was happening or being used. Now after reviewing everything and really reading the explanations I understand it more better and clearer.

Also I began searching up on the internet and the links on this site for additional help on this topic. I'll try and do this when I don't understand something a t home. Some of them can be confusing, but most were very informative. It gives you a variety of examples. I'm just wondering if there are any practice or little quizzes that we could take.

So I hope everyone does great on the test! Remember marks do not mearsure our intelligence.

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