November 07, 2006


scribe scribe scribe scribe scribe scribe scribe

well we didn't do very much in class today because half the class was gone to see Macbeth...*wish i was there =(

Mr.K today briefly spoke about the website, which is a website where students from Shanghai talk about the use of technology by teenagers. It sounds pretty awesome because these students goals are to make enough money by the end of the year to have a pizza party. Good luck to them.

On a more educational note, we had a quiz on integrals. This quiz was simply about the basics of finding integrals. After the quiz we had a discussion on what is an integral?
Well as a class we came up with the definition that an integral is the sign area under a curve. I made an example but there's an error uploading it? So I am really sorry if you don't quite understand what an integral is.

So anyway we also discussed a little about the rsum and came up with the fact that the limit n approaches infinity, therefore each x coordinate is added up and it can get infinitely close to the area because you can take infinite amounts of x intervals. Also it never actually gets to infinity, it only gets infinitely close.
(I would have put this in terms of an actual picture but the error of uploading the pictures is preventing me to do so.)

So for homework, please read the chapters and complete the odd numbers of the review in textbook.

As for the next scribe...I guess it's Danny because I'm pretty sure everyone is crossed off the list. Till next time.

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