November 19, 2006

Excellence and habit--

Do you think??


M-A-R-K said...

wow, that was a good word of advice. i guess it's hard to make excellence a habit, if some people try and only achieve excellence sometimes. Does being excellent me you still try, even though you sometimes fail?

Lani said...

Hi Mark,

Now you’ve got me thinking! I’m wondering if the habit of always striving for excellence, not just letting some things go, makes sense to you? I know I’ve acquired the habit of pursuing excellence, and that I often fail!! I feel as if the times when I can say “yes, that was excellent”, it’s because of my habits— And when I don’t meet the standards I set for myself, I try to adapt my habits.

I chose Tiger Woods for the picture (not knowing though how he is perceived or how well known he is in Winnipeg) for a reason. He always says the “wins” are what matters. When he doesn’t do well, he promptly works on getting better, often on the putting green late at night after a round of golf. He has changed his swing to help his game. He’s up every morning at 5 AM and runs each day wearing a 50 pound vest. He wins a lot (could we call that excellence?)!! I’m thinking those habits help him to achieve great excellence. Yes, he fails and he returns to work at getting better and sometimes he wins again and then again!

Could his example and Aristotle’s quote be a good model and inspiration for us all?