November 08, 2006


Wow.. this really was a short unit. I didn't find it to be too difficult, in fact I think it helped me to better understand the previous unit, and also helped me gain a deeper understanding in my physics class. The basic areas that we have to calculate in physics now seem way easier and I feel that I understand better the reasoning behind calculating the area, instead of just following the textbook. And in the last unit I found myself having difficulty switching from the derivative back to the parent function, but this unit helps to connect everything together.

The only thing I found myself thinking about was when we did that in class hand-in lab. There was a question asking which was more accurate, LHS and RHS or midpoint sums, and why this was so. I couldn't give a suitably technical, sound reasoning in my answer, so I was wondering how to express this idea more definetly. All in all, I'm not too worried as I didn't have trouble with the supplementary problems, but I'd feel better if I had been in class for the pre-test today.

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