November 06, 2006

Scribe Post: 38

In today's class we started off by talking quite a bit about our marks. We went in depth about how the marks are realistic in university so don't be surprised if it's low compared to your other grades. To Mr.K marks are irrevelent, they do not measure how much you learn. That's basically true for me aswell, aslong as I learn and know what I know now it's fine. However, it hits your average mark and might disqualify you for some scholarships. And that changes my mind to care afterall. All you have to do is beat half the class to get a good mark, and work well together as a group. So we just all got to work ten times as hard. And that's all I'm going to talk about that (I'm not quite comfortable talking about it online, sorry).

For the rest of the class, we all brainstormed for ideas for a mascot in our story of Calculus that will be published on the blog sometime this week. We came up with "Pedro the Pi-Rate Panda." So look foward to the story where Pedro gets into plenty of problems and needs Calculus to solve them!

Some of the characters we came up with were "Dodo & Turtle", "Evil Cute Baby Turtle," and "Turtle the 'X' Pirate." It's too bad my turtle didn't pass as the character, but he will be revived! Atleast my pirate idea was somewhat passed? Today's class was fun! Well after getting over the shocking marks we got in the class. It's unfortunate we did not get any math done however =P, but the class wasn't a waste.

There was will be a Pre-test Wednesday, and the test is on Thursday. Good luck everyone.

The next scribe is Mr. President Christian.

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