November 27, 2006

Scribe Post

Hello everybody, Crystal here :D

During the beginning of the class we discussed was about our flickr assignment.

--The first part of the assignment was to take a picture of a number. It can be a picture of anything real. Then we post it on flickr and tag it with interesting and apcalc06. We then e-mail Mr. Kuropatwa with the URL of the picture on the flickr site.

--The second part of the assignment is to take a picture of a derivitive, we can set up the picture. Then we post it again on flickr and tag it with derivitive and apcalc06. We're also supposed to describe what a derivitive is, everything that we learned, and also how the picture represents a derivitive. This is due Monday December 4, 2006.

Next we reviewed some of the questions from exercise 4.6 Related Rates. Then we moved on to a group assignment about our hero Scuba Steve!!!

Scuba Steve's Slick Bacteria
While on vacation in Mexico, a tanker accident has spolled oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Scuba Steve volunteered to help by spreading oil-eating bacteria which is gobbling 7 ft2/hr. The oil slick has the form of a circular cylindar. When the radius of the cylindar is 250 ft, the thickness of the slick is 0.02 ft and decreasing at a rate of 0.002 ft/hr.
a) At what rate is the area of the circular top of the slick changing at this time?
b) Is the area of the slick increasing or decreasing?

For this question my group had kind of a slow time starting off. But after awhile we began understanding it after some discussion.

Now we have to differentiate to find the derivitive of the area.

We didn't quite finish this question so if you're group knows how to solve this fully, please help.

Well our homework for today is the rest of exercise 4.6 Related Rates ODD NUMBERS.

Tomorrows scribe is LINGER!!! :D

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Mr. H said...

Hi your picture is pretty small. Did you mean for them to be that way? Great post otherwise. Thanks