February 26, 2007

Blogon the Blog #7

Ooo, I almost forgot to blog! Like others I'm having difficulties with this unit. Friday's pre-test seemed fairly easy for the first part... well the multiple choice anyway. But everything was pretty much solved using a calculator, which probably isn't a good thing in the end. For the long answer part, I was a bit sketchy about. Although I'm pretty sure we'd use integration by parts to solve for the definite intergral, but still remain second guessing myself. I think I'm pretty good with my arc functions and finding the intergral that involves the usuage of them. If there is any problem solving questions available, I think doing those will sure help us understand more. And I agree with others that having calculus class every second day is different... but we just have to adjust. It's a bit troubling for me because some of us have physics every other day we dont have calculus, but I'm taking it for the first time. But, in the end there should be no excuses. I really just start to get cracka-lakin down to business!

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