February 07, 2007

Scribe Post: 81

Hello everyone! Today, Mr. K talked about Gr.9's from other schools who are going to take a tour of Daniel Mac and how we're going to be teaching them how to do several games. We decided on 5 games but one of the games is yet to be changed.

Here is the draft of whose in what group and whose in what game:

1)Game: Magic
-Mark (a maybe)

2)Game: River

3)Game: Hanoi

4)Game: Painted Faces **Has yet to be decided on**

5)Game: Tangrams

At the end of Class Mr. K talked about the rules of the Calculus Exam.

**keep in mind that nobody is NOT allowed to say a word about the exam EVER
**remember in the exam it's better to skip and not answer a multiple choice question than to just totally guess on a multiple choice question. ***you will NOT lose any marks if you skip a multiple choice question***...but if you totaly guess on a m.c.q. and you get it wrong, marks WILL be deducted.***

-starting next class we will be doing timed multiple choice quizes at the beginning of class to prepare us for the exam! DO NOT BE LATE FOR CLASS b/c we're going to be timed!

Homework: read the next exercise: 7.6 (it will help you for the next class)

NEXT SCRIBE: DANNY (for friday's class)

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