February 26, 2007


I am honestly disappointed in myself. I know I could do so much better. But it's all my fault that I've done so bad in this unit. I barely attempted my homework... and I feel so awful ( that's currently changing) I know I'm going to do bad in my test. I think I'm in some sort of denial. I say I want to do a good job, but then why do I keep digging this hole for myself that I can bury myself with later. If I really really wanted to do a good job then why am I not doing a good job. It's weird for me. I have that turning feeling in my gut. That's guilt. I haven't felt like this before about a class. I usually do much better. I think I've just really hit my turning point. I am, FOR SURE!!!, going to do my homework. I'm making my mom check my homework from now on! It's kind of sad that it had to come to that, but if it's what I have to do to get better than it'll be worth it. I think it's kinda late for that but at least I'm going to keep trying. We still have like 2 units left or something. Like everyone else is saying, having calculus every second day is bad! I think that it's good for me to be brutally honest because it's helps me accept that I'm not doing the best that I could and I want to change that, honestly.

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