February 04, 2007

Scribe Post

THIS IS LINDSAY! On the last day of semester 1's Calculus class, which was Thursday for those who do not remember, Mr. K had to supervise the Pre-Cal Provincial Exam, so we were on our own! We were given two worksheets to do and we worked on it as a group. We only finished one problem though, but that's okay. TEAMWORK!!

Wrong Way Joe!

Joe Physics was driving down the highway on this past Memorial Day weekend. Joe's car ride was getting boring so he decided to calculate his total distance from his house from t=1 to t=3. Normally he could have used his odometer, but he drove backwards on part of the trip. Joe figured that his velocity as a function of time could be given by v(t)=3t^4cos(t). If at t=1 his displacement is 5 what is the total distance traveled by Joe from t=1 to t=3 using integration by parts?

This is what we came up with as a class. XD

On Friday we went to the University of Manitoba for a workshop on "Personal Learning Environments: A Better Learning Landscape?" It was quite fun. =) Driving down the highway with the Calculus class. I thought it was a day well spent. Bravo to Mr.K for his awesome improvisational skills.

The related rates photo is due on, I believe, Tuesday.

I hope everyone did well on their exams. BACK TO CLASS TOMORROW! Next scribe is ASHLYNN!

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e said...

Hi Lindsay,

I am so excited your class is back with some math. I missed you.

I hope you'll help me out with this problem. Let's get my first question out of the way. Joe's odometer doesn't notice when he's going backwards? I want his car!

I have two more serious questions.
1) You seem to be saying that a definite integral of a function is the difference between the values of that function at the endpoints of the interval. Is that really true?

2) I am worried about the initial condition that is mentioned. If you evaluate the integral of 3t^4cos(t) at 1 do you get 5? Should you?

Hope you can help,