February 28, 2007


I am not even going to lie and say I understand even the simplest part of calculus . . . it's some hard stuff. I really don't understand much of the material. I just get confused with anti derivative and derivative and the chain rule, integration by parts. There's too much going on in one problem. My brain's exhausted just from thinking about The composite of functions and the product of functions. I really wish I understood calculus but I don't think that math is one of my strengths as some people are good at some things other people are not. I'm just trying to hang on to this class and hopefully come out of it with some knowledge and hopefully it will help me later on in life and if it doesn't at least I can say I tried. So what am mostly confused about is the general stuff like how to use integration by parts otherwise I really don't know.
I am going to go and try to attempt the chapter 7 review one more time and hopefully I'll get some of my confusion cleared up.

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