February 25, 2007


Hey hey hey... another unit down, another BOB to put up. I must say, having calculus every other day is no fun at all. I feel like there's more pressure to do the homework and to be honest, I still haven't done it all. I don't know what it is... maybe it's what Mr. K is saying, how we're tired and we don't care as much. I mean I want to do good in this class, I'm just getting super lazy. I was lost with the open response question on the pre-test. I dont think this unit was super duper difficult. I just think that I haven't been giving it a hundred and ten percent. I pay attention in class and I understand... but since we only see each other every other day and sometimes longer, the thought leaves me after I walk out of class.. and I've been putting off the homework because of all the other classes and other activities going on. I still need to review my notes and finish my homework to prepare for the test. Having calculus every other day scares me, because everything is happening so quickly. It's almost March... which reminds me, aren't we suppose to be writing that exam this month?!? Mr. K?!? Our Panda Project is far from being done, and my group still hasn't started on our video project.. I don't think anyone has. There's just always something going on. I haven't had a free lunch period in a long long time. Even with my spares, I feel like I'm running out of time. Ohhh, it's all about this semester. There's only two more units left. We're so close guys... and I want to get it over with but then again I don't. Can we please have a review day next class?!? I feel like I'm not ready for the test... && Good luck guys =)

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