February 28, 2007


Hi! I like differentiation rules because they're straightforward. If two terms are multipled together, we use the product rule. If they're divided, we use the quotient rule. The reason why I think we're anxious about antidifferentiation rules is because there are no guarantees that we're even on the right track. There are guidelines that we've discussed over and over again, but as we all know, sometimes we still end up being on the wrong road. As with everyone in the class, I don't feel the best about this unit either. I DO believe though that we'll get through this, and we'll turn out alright. Remember that we took this class, among other things, to get exposed with the material? to be prepared for university? Well, I say let's work our butts out right now too, cause if we don't, we're just wasting our time.

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