February 26, 2007

BOB #7

Well, everyone else more or less summed up my situation. I felt that I had a fairly good grasp of the stuff we covered at the beginning of this unit when last semester came to an end. And this semester, what with only having class every second day and missing a number of classes due to tours, illness, etc. I have forgotten what I knew. I think if I had done the test back when we were on exercise 7.5, I would have a better chance than doing it now. It's just that too much time has passed, it's like coming back from summer vacation... The pre-test was difficult for me, I used my calculator for all the multiple choice so I think they're right, but though I had several ideas for answering the long answer, I don't have much confidence in what we finally decided to hand in. Having class every second day makes me procrastinate more than usual. But however this unit goes, I am going to get back to my usual (relatively) good habits for the next unit. I promise!

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