February 26, 2007

BOB #7

This chapter on different ways of finding antiderivatives is truly a chapter that I found quite difficult. I think its the amount of methods that I got confused with. I wasn't sure whether to use the substitution method or the integration by parts method. I still understand how to use the substitution method but when I went to look back at my notes, I totally forgot how to use the integrartion by parts method. I agree with people in the class who believe that having class each odd day is a disadvantage. It's a disadvantage because for me, I end up forgetting most of the things I've learned in class. I guess that's why I do need to study each day so that when the next class comes I don't forget any lessons that I've learned from the previous class. My goal for the next chapters is to do the homework right when it is assigned and to study the lessons each day instead of leaving it to the end. Test is tomorrow and I have to admit that I'm not fully ready. Right now I feel like I really really need to study. I hope everyone studies too and does well. good-luck =)

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