February 25, 2007

Well this class was pretty funny we were all really lost and confused with the pre test open answer question. Instead of forming three people groups like we usually do, we formed one big class group and tried to help each other out.

Chapter 7 pre-Test: Antidiffernetiation

Multiple Choice
The multiple choice were pretty much calculator work. I will just list the answers our group got.

#1) If the definite integral 1S3 (x2-1)dx is approximately using the Midpoint Rule with n=4, the error is:
(B) 1/24
#2) If -1Sk (3x2-2x)dx=6, then k=?

(D) 2

#3) If 0Sk (sec2x)/(1+tanx)dx=ln2, and k>0, then the value of k is:

(B) 3.14/4

#4) Let R be the region in the first quadrant enclosed by the graph of y=xcosx, x=0, y=0, and x=k for 0<(3.14/2). The area of R, in terms of k is:
(A) ksink+cosk-1

Open Response
This is where all of us (as a class) just became clueless. We looked at it for a long time and read it over again, but we were not 100% or even 90% sure what to do or where to even begin. We're not sure what that -2 is all about and if it's supposed to be in that missing spot in the table.

#1) Let f be a differentiable function such that f " is continous and f and f ' have the values given in the table below.

Use the information in the table to evaluate:
a) 0S2 xf ' (x2)dx

b)1S3 xf ' (x)dx

This was the answer our group got (aka manny figured it out :) ).

Well that's it for that class. As a class we are really confused about this section, we feel we're not ready for that test on tuesday. We just need a huge review Mr K., a HUGE review.

Oh the scribe for next class is ANH :)

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