January 15, 2007

Blogon the Blog #6

In today's class we got a pre-test for our current unit on Intergrals. I'm quite pleased at where I am at with this unit compared to the other ones where I much rather not talk about =). I am much more familiarized and understanding of these concepts. For the pre-test I got a majority of the questions right on my own, and the other questions I learned to do from the correction and learned that I made only few mechanical mistakes as an error. The group discussion certainly made the difference though! The biggest trouble for me in the units is having to visually picture (without having to really think about it)what's going on when I see the intergrated equations over an interval. That can be overcomed by doing more repitition of problems, and I will look over the review tonight and tomorrow morning to help me with it. Well goodluck on the test you guys! And goodluck on the upcoming exams later in a few weeks, too =|.

P.S. guys don't forget to label your posts =)

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