January 10, 2007

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What did we do in class today?

For those of us who were writing the ELA provincial exam yesterday, today in class we buddied up with the students who were present in class and went over the questions of functions that required the use of integrals to solve. We pretty much did this for the entire class because some of us (me) didn't understand why the graph looked the way it did. Eventually I had one of those " lightbulb goes on moment " and figured it out.

Mr. K reviewed yesterdays class and explained everything and stressed the importance of understanding the domain of the functions. Which Suzanne has nicely explained in her scribe post (the one before this one).

Referring to the prior question in Suzanne's post, we learned about the domain of g(x):

We also have this question qhich we did not complete but will probably go over tomorrow in class:

A) What is the domain of g?
B) For what values of x does g'(x) = -1
C) Sketch the graph of g over it's entire domain

h m m . . . I sort of wished I had some math jokes but I don't =(

H o m e w o r k : Section 6.3 all the odd numbers

N e x t s c r i b e : manny

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e said...

Hi Anh,

I am so sorry, but I can't find that function g that you mention is in Suzanne's post. Could you write down the function g whose domain we are supposed to find? Thanks so much. BTW, in C) it should be "its" and not "it's" :)

As for math jokes. I don't know if this is considered cheating, but did you try googling "math jokes"?