January 15, 2007


Linger mentioned:

Things are happening so fast.. new year, new unit. And, we're going on a field trip.. woohoo!!!!

Just how will you meet those challenges?!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lani!!! I'm sorry to answer so late, but I was looking back on posts and I just saw this now. I think that it was overwhelming for everyone to come back after two weeks of being able to just relax and not worry about school. And it only takes awhile to get used to. These challenges that we're faced with everyday only make us stronger and better people. I know that there's been times when I wanted to give up... but then I think about how far I've come. My classmates are great and so is Mr. K... and yes, it gets frustrating sometimes, but it's always worth it at the end of the day. I think that these challenges are just oppurtunities for us to learn more about ourselves and each other, so whatever comes our way, we can and will defeat it =)