January 17, 2007

Scribe Post: Day 74

Hey guys!

The first thing we did in class was discuss our picture assignment. We were assigned to capture a scene that depicts "integrals", and were given since the beginning of the winter break to do it. We all found it tough, so much so that we asked Mr. K to change the theme. So he did. The new theme for our photo assignment is related rates.

We are to take a picture of something that shows related rates. The photo must be uploaded on Flickr, tagged "apcalc06", "related" and "rates". We are given over a week to do this!

After that, we continued writing our test. Mr. K originally gave us 10 minutes to do it, but we ended up taking all but 5 minutes of the class, so we didn't really start anything. We were just reminded that when antidifferentiating, we use the following formula for polynomials:

We add "+ C" at the end of whatever terms we get, because we know that unless we're given specific points, we don't know which of a family of functions the antiderivatives (or derivatives) are talking about. Also, there are functions that just aren't antidifferentiable (I don't know if this word exists). Sometimes we just have to guess and check. An example is e2x. That's pretty much it.

Homework: 7.1 do odds from 1-17

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