January 15, 2007

BOB #6

This unit on Integrals was much more complex than the unit we did on Integrals before. We learned all about the first Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and the 2nd FTC. I thought that the first 2 excercise were pretty basic because I was able to answer the questions easily. Though for the last 2 excercises I had to really think hard and I had to even look at my old notes to get the question done. I needed to look at my old notes for especially questions about critical #'s, concavity, global mins and maxs, increasing/decreasing, etc. I forgot those concepts so then I needed to look at my old notes. After the pre-test I felt relieved that I knew how to do some of the questions. On the other hand, I still need to look at my notes and do more questions so that I am prepared for the test tomorrow... Good luck guys! =)

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