January 07, 2007

Scribe Post: Day 66

Well here I am almost the end of winter break and finally doing my scribe post. Reasons for me taking so long:

1. Basically the first week of the break I was sick and when I was getting better I'd get sick again =S
2. After that I was unable to find the sheet of notes I had jotted down during that class
3. Lastly, when I did find it I was already in that "winter break relaxed" type of state and became lazy to do it =S

If I hadn't got sick this post may have actually been up in the first few days of the break, now unfortunately I'm putting it up AFTER Christian's scribe post for....the day AFTER this class =S Well anyways I'm going to try and put together what I can remember from my notes and from the class.

We started a new unit, Chapter 6: Integrals. However before that we were debating over a question from the test on the past unit. After several minutes of debating we talked about integrals. Discussing on what the definition of an integral was we came up with these things:

- sign area under a curve
- antiderivative
- there are two types of integrals, indefinite and definite integrals
- indefinite integrals represents a family of functions with the same derivative and a vertical shift
- definite integrals represents different numbers.
- to find an integral you can use Rieman's Sum (left hand sum, right hand sum) although it won't give you an exact value, divide to sub intervals, find area under curve using rectangles.

Mr. K mentioned how we learned the first part of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and how we were going to learn the second part of it in this chapter, at least I think so from my notes? =S

The rest of my notes are extremely hard to read (I got to learn how to write faster and more clear when im writing fast =S) but there's one integral I wrote down because he had it on the board that he said he'll show us how get in a later unit, unfortunately it's too messy for me to put it down onto this post so if anyone has it, please comment so I can add it.

We learned the Constant Multiple Rule:

Basically to make the first integral easier to do, you bring out the 2 and work with the basic integral, this is the Constant Multiple Rule I think? =S

To top off this horrible post, at the corner of my sheet of notes in capital letters it says" NEED TO KNOW ANTIDERIVATIVE TO FIND INTEGRAL" that has to be important cause it was in capitals. Well as you all know Christian was the next scribe and yes I hope you all enjoyed your winter break see you all tomorrow!

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