January 15, 2007


Another BOB, yet another unit down. This one seemed to be the quickest of them all, mainly because the main thing, Integrals, we already learned from before. The only difference is we further expanded our knowledge of integrals by learning the Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus part 2, revisiting FTC part 1 and using it more, and our definition of an integral grew to a more distinct descriptive definition. Out of all the units so far I found this the most easiest to pick up and fastest to understand. I feel as if I was able to grasp the concept of using the different things we learned to solve Integrals, then again I can be wrong. I'll have to wait and see how the test turns out for me before I can be for sure. The pre-test was a bit challenging but only because I came not prepared and nervous. I must learn to calm myself down, think, and focus to the best of my ability. When I went into the group discussion, I noticed that the solutions to most of the questions I already knew, I just wasn't able to focus and think straight to get the answer. Hopefully things are different tomorrow for me as well as for everyone. Good luck to all on the test and to everyone with their exams. Study hard. Take it from me, I've been there before and I'm telling you no matter how smart you may be and no matter how easy school has been all your life, nothing is going to prepare you for what you're about to experience. Nothing but hard work and studying that is. =P

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