January 15, 2007


Hi! Once again, here we are, a unit's about to pass, and we're trying inch by inch trying to get to our prized goal, June.

What's different about this unit for me, I guess, is that I'm having a little bit more fun. I was on the bus to school one day, when I asked myself, "Why was calculus invented??!! WHYY?!!," when a thought came to mind. Maybe my attitude towards Calculus affects my learning, and therefore my marks in the class. If I don't treat Calculus as an enemy, maybe I'll be better at it. When I thought of this, I remembered my marks in Chemistry and Physics. They were a lot different ;). The difference between the two was that I thought of Chemistry as a fun subject while in Physics, even before I learned anything, I already thought it was going to be hard and boring. My mark in Chemistry was much higher, I think partly because I was motivated to do all the homework, not actually treating it like "work".

The day this happened, I told myself Calculus should be my friend, and from then on I've been having more fun in Calculus. That was an "ah hah moment" for me. Hopefully the mark I get on the test will reflect the fun I've been having =).

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