January 15, 2007

BOB ---> integrals

WHOA is this BOB 6? This chapter was pretty easy to understand, which I'm really happy about because I understand it!! Well most of it, there's always something that I leave out but after a few hours of studying I'll feel confident enough to walk into that class tomorrow morning and write that integrals test! I just have to do the review problems and read my notes, and maybe make some more legible notes... The pre-test today was okay for me. Okay meaning I understand most of it but didn't get everything right. I did learn it though as we went through the answers so brownie points for me =). I hope the class does really well tomorrow! 100% to all! I'm listening to music right now. It puts me in a good mood, which makes studying muuuch easier. I wonder what you guys do to study. Well, whatever you do I hope it really helps. YAY INTEGRALS. XD

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