January 15, 2007


I think I'm ready! Today's pretest went well for me, better than expected actually. And I'm doing well on the supplementary problems too. One thing I was confused about earlier was the calculator stuff, but we went over that in class and after that I found it more convenient to use the calculator than solve the problem by hand. But I think that was a good thing, because at first I had to do the questions by hand, instead of relying on technology to do the hard stuff. It prevented me from being lazy :)

I was thinking earlier about how this course is progressing, and I realized that we really learned a few main things- about derivatives and integrals. The whole course is based on these things, and each chapter we're just looking at them in a different light, and in more depth, and connecting them in a different way. It's unlike previous courses where we cover such a broad range of topics. So I guess that means we get a good overall understanding of these concepts. I think it's great to be able to look at these things in many different ways - I think we're learning to connect what we learn to other concepts better. Which is definitely a good skill to learn. Well, good luck on the test tomorrow everyone!

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