December 03, 2006

Blogging on blogging

Well first off, this unit was difficult for me. There was just all those rules to remember. I got confused about when to use which rules in some cases. I understood the rules it was just the when to use them part.
The related rates problems were confusing. Again, it was knowing which rules to use. I also had some hard times picturing the diagram and the deciding which formula to use. The diagram is very important in related rates problems. It leads you to the equation that relates the rates of change and stuff. That was the part that got to me.
Now I'm no angel when it comes to homework. I'll admit that. However, I'm doing better than in the beginning of the year. I haven't done so good in this part of the unit. =(


Now to go way off topic. I wasn't in class on Friday, so I missed the pre-test. It really could've helped if I had been there, but I don't regret it! I had a great time at the "Generating Momentum for Our World" conference. The theme was Africa:2015. We all split into our chosen workshops, and created something that helped raise awareness. The projects people created in ONE DAY, were just amazing. It really opened my eyes to the conditions in Africa and it inspired me to raise awareness and educate my friends, family and peers.

In 2000, 189 countries including 43 African nations, vowed to provide basic human rights to everyone through the United Nations. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were created to drastically improve conditions by 2015. The goals are

1) Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger
2) Achieving universal education
3) Promoting gender equality and empowering women
4) Reducing child mortality
5) Improving maternal health
6) Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7) Ensuring environmental stability
8) Building a global partnership for development

Goals have been combined through how they are related and concentrating on five issues that these goals address. They are:

1) Children and Healthy Growth (goal 1 and 4)
2) Education (goal 2)
3) Gender Equality (goal 3 and 5)
4) Health (goal 6)
5) Sustainable Development (goal 7 and 8)

Did you know?

* More than 30 percent of children living in developing countries - about 600 million - live on less than one United States Dollar a day.

* Every 3.6 seconds, a child dies of starvation.

* On top of that , in every minute, 21 children-29,000 children a day- die from preventable diseases.

* In 2001, approximately 115 million children worldwide did not attend school.

* 38 million primary-aged children were out-of-school in sub-Saharan Africa in 1998, about 60 percent of them in the countries of Central and Western Africa.

* The world's richest 15 people have incomes equal to the GDP of ALL 48 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

* Women account for 70% of agricultural labour, 60% of agricultural production and 80% of food production in Africa, yet less than 1% of land owners in sub-Saharan Africa are women.

* 25- 26.2 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live with HIV/AIDS. This is equivalent to 80% of Canada's population-approximately 33 million in total

* A child dies every 15 seconds from disease attributable to unsafe drinking water, deplorable sanitation and poor hygiene.

* As of 2002, on in six people worldwide- 1.1 billion total- had no access to clean water.

What can you do?

1) Educate yourself
check out

2) Talk to/e-mail politicis about Canada's progress in meeting the eight goals

3) Speak out and be creative
- Put up posters
- classroom presentations
- movies/films
- educate students on the goals of the campaign
- create a "make poverty history" banned and invite people to sign it

4) Raise funds
- concerts
- bake sales
- BBQ's
- school dance

5) Spread the messege

Be creative and think of your own ideas =D


Lani said...

Hi Ashlynn,

You've raised awareness and educated me in Ohio too! I was unaware of the Millennium Development Goals (but quite familiar with the HIV/AIDS crisis and the unspeakable conditions of children in poverty in Africa) and the Millennium campaign organization. I just visited the website for your conference and I am so touched by your passion and your action. As a result of your unselfishness and your work, the world will become a far better place for all.

Best Wishes,

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Great post Ashlynn. You reminded me of this ... check it out ... it'll really make you think.