December 04, 2006

BOB #4

This unit of Differentiation Rules is pretty basic when it comes to the different kinds of rules. For me, I found some of the problems difficult to do b/c I didn't know which rules to use. Later I plan on going over problems again so that I fully understand the concept of when and which rules to use and how to apply them. Problems with spheres, cones, cylinders, etc. and problems with graphs given are mty favorite kinds of problems because of the fact we did some in class and I had done them in the excercises a number times. I'd have to say that each time I did a new excercise, I understood the concept with differentiation rules a lot better. I'd also have to say that doing group work on problems and making scribe posts both benefited a whole lot. I'm not quite fully confident about this test yet so I gotta go study now. I hope everyone studied/studies and do great tomorrow! ;]

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