December 19, 2006


Today was like walking in front of a wall... the pre-test was harder than I thought it would be. I was expecting optimization problems (which I kind of like) but there weren't any. My group took more time trying to calm down than actually solving the problems, but I did get number four on my own.. woohoo!!! However, I blanked out on the long answer. To be honest, I didn't do all of my homework for this unit. I mean come on, winter break is in three days... there's too many things to do on the list, who isn't excited? I thought this unit was going to be my favourite, but it got harder towards the end... those anti-derivatives... plus C!!! Hopefully, reading my notes and doing the questions I have is enough. Anyway, I should get a good night's sleep. Good luck everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS =)

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