December 14, 2006


today we started class with a worksheet

topher and sully decided to go cut down a Christman tree together, so they ventured out into the snowy woods. after wandering for close to three hours, the two found the perfect tree but also decided that they were lost. luckily Sully found a map nailed to a tree which showed that they were four miles due north of a point perfectly straight road. six miles east of that point was the park that the two called home. if Topher and Sully can walk and drag the tree at the rate of two miles per hour through the snow, and three miles per hour on the road, what is the minimum amount of time that they would need to get home?

then we did examples on the board

homework 5.5
linger your next


Levi said...

elo!. .good job on your scribe! nice pictures, very detailed. Good job on explaining too!^_^. . .

Tony D said...

omg calculus! well i learnt a bit how to do it thanks good job on your scribe post! i liked your pictures and the way you explained it made it sorta clear for me even though i know nothing about calculus =)