December 03, 2006

Blogon on Blog #4

Well first and foremost, I just wanted to say that I am not feeling comfortable with this unit. The pre-test on friday made me realise that I do not understand this unit as much as I thought I did. There were multiple choices that we thought were soooo correct, but ended up not being it. Unfortunately we did not have any time to go over it in class, but still it gives me an eye opener that I really have to do something about it. The long answer I got correct, but ended up erasing it because our group thought we thought of something that made even more sense, but apparently not. I think I just need a bit more practice, with more questions. I hadn't done the review yet in our textbook because of mass loads of other homework that needed to be done, soo I guess I'll do that now. And for my blog down there, I'll get on that shortly =P. No complaints right? =]. Okay... I wish everyone luck on the test on Tuesday?! Dang =P.

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