December 11, 2006

Scribe Post

ScribeBadge11This is Lindsay subbing for Anh!! =D

To start things off, I would like to remind you guys that Mr.K gave us an extension for our derivative photos. You have until the end of the week to make it great.

Next, the white board questions! I like to draw weird cartoon things. If find it easier to read things when there's something drawing your attention to it. So, I drew. XD. I also use sticky notes...and I don't like typing much either -_-;; I prefer paper and pen...yes, anyway, moving on..

1. Evaluate these limits:

2. Determine the total number of max and min points of the function whose derivative is:

3. Build a rectangular pen with 3 parallel partitions using 500 feet of fencing. What dimensions will maximize the area of the pen?

4. An open rectangular box with square base is made from 48 ft^2 of material. What dimensinos will result in a box with largest possible volume?

CONSTRAINT: 48 ft^2, surface area
OPTIMIZE: volume

*NOTE: We'll work on this problem tomorrow!!

5. Find the point (x,y) on the graph f(x)=root of x closest to the point (4,o)

Next scribe is ANH!!!!
homework: 5.4 1-9


Anonymous said...

ooOOOo i really like your post lindsay =) it makes learning so much fun, haha. good job, keep it up =)

Manny said...

This definently belongs in the hall of fame. Everything was covered, and annotated, in your own unique way? I laughed (only because it's cute.. and cool =]), and like linger said, it makes learning fun. And when it's fun, its much much easier to remember. I wish I could draw like that.. sigh*

Mr. H said...

Its different, its enjoyable, its math. I really liked the freshness of this post. You apcalc40's always push the envelope. Thanks for scribing.

Mr. Harbeck
Sargent Park School

jann said...

Hi Lindsay! This post belongs to the hall of fame! It's very clear and easy to understand; not to mention the drawings were great. Very nice! Awesome job! XD

katrin said...

WOW!!! Your post is crazy! I love the way u made adorable characters on all the post-its. I found the post-its with the drawings very eye catching and it made me want to read your scribe post even more. Also considering the fact I wasn't in class yeterday, your scribe helped me understand what I had missed out on. Because of your post's uniqueness and the fact that it helped me a lot, I must say that your sribe post does belong to the hall of fame!!! GREAT JOB! :]

christian said...

For adding sugar, spice and everything nice to our blog, you get my vote for hall of fame!

Anonymous said...

Warning: The algebra in the solution to 1(a) is wrong! The answer is correct but the solution is not.

M-A-R-K said...

W000ww... lol nice scribe post lindsay, your drawings add a different element to the post. It's funny to read =), making it interesting. A+ =)

ashlynn said...

what a cute post, love it! :D It made me wanna keep reading instead of just glancing over it. Hall of fame right here! =D

ps I am confused about the first question.

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Hmmm ... the anonymous commenter is right. Radicals don't simplify like that.

Does √(9+4) = 3 + 2 = 5 ?


Does √(9+4) = √(13) ?

Nonetheless, I quite agree, Lindsay this belongs in the Hall of Fame. ;-)

Lani said...

Hi Lindsay,

A belated congratulations on a Hall of Fame scribe.

This is teaching at its best; it reflects the personality of the teacher; and your scribe as you have indicated is YOU!!!

Warmest wishes,