December 03, 2006

BOB #4

This unit was extremely challenging, and it still is for me. I've read the textbook a lot, but I'm not sure if I understand it. I wasn't there on Friday, but I've read that the pre-test was a bit difficult. Even though, I still wish that I was there on Friday so I could have gotten a good grasp on where I was on the unit. That would have helped a lot. But now I'm doing some of the review questions. It's taking awhile and I always have to look back on my notes. It's kind of irritating. However I'm learning, slowly. Actually I'm really worried about the test tomorrow. Tonight is going to be a long night. At least I'll have more knowledge in my noggin. :)
What I liked about this unit was how we learned how to memorize the different rules, like the quotient rule. "low di hi minus hi di low all over low low." I don't know what else, things were kind of a blur. For me learning IN class is the best way to understand.
Well I have to step it up a notch, acually a huge notch. Good marks don't come rolling on a platter. Hard work and determination shall be my friends.

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