December 19, 2006


ahh it's that time again..I don't feel too good =/. Let's just get this over with. Well this test came really quick and I honestly think I'm not ready but hey I don't really have a choice. The pre-test went not so good because we had no idea how to do the long answer and we didn't get to discuss it which worries me for the test tomorrow. Also the multiple choice questions were quite difficult because my group pretty much guessed because even though we had done some work for the questions it did not match up with one of the possible answers which probably means we did it wrong. I think we should postpone the test till well never...haha I wish. Well I'm sure it'll be okay if I go study otherwise I have a feeling I won't do too good. At least I remembered to post this bob last minute, it almost slipped my mind but not I think i have guaranteed mark. woohoo...well good luck everyone cause I know I'll need it.

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