December 13, 2006

Scribe Post

Hi! It's Katrin and I'm subbing in for Charlene...

Today we started off with 2 groupwork sheets based on optimization problems. The first sheet was pretty straight forward and I believe every group got it right. =)

Then came the second sheet!!! It was much more difficult than the first and wasn't as straight forward.

GROUP WORK SHEET #2: Willy's Pet Bob

2. Willy the Wallaby has been looking for the perfect pet for a very long time and he has finally found it - Bob the boa consticter. Now Willy has to make a closed, rectangular cage for Bob but it has to be 4000 cubic feet in volume and the length has to be 5 times that of the height of the cage. The material to make the cage costs $ 0.25 per square foot.

1) What are the dimensions of the least expensive cage?
2) How much does it cost?



NOTE: Click on pic. and it will be easier to read.... =)

Then we went over the "CLASSIC OPTIMIZING QUESTION" that we didn't get to do yesterday...
You are standing at the edge of a slow moving river which is one mile wide and wish to return to your campground on the opposite side of the river. You can swim at 2mph and walk at 3 mph. You must first swim across the river to any point on the opposite side. From there you will walk to the campground which is one mile from the point directly across the river from where you start your swim. What route will take the least amount of time?



Homework: finish up 5.4 Excericises
The next scribe is Charlene ;]

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