December 19, 2006

BOB #5

This chapter 5 unit on More Applications on the Derivative helped me understand the concept with derivatives a lot more. At first I never knew that you can use a number line to figure where there are max and mins and global mins and global max's. You can even use a number line to figure out where there are inflection points. I believe we use the second derivative to figure out inflection points. Besides the Line Test, I enjoy doing various problems like the classic optimizing problem. When I did a post on that I understood it more than if I were just to read it over. For me, making a post on work that I have learned helps me more. I also enjoy doing Antiderivatives. One thing that people might forget is to add (+) C. Remember to always add C! So test is tomorrow and I'm feel as if I need to review more of my notes because when I did the Practice Test, I didn't understand most of them. Though it’s a good thing we had group time to go through it, MR. K went over it in class and that Manny made a great post. It all helped!!!

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