December 19, 2006


Well it's our last test before the winter break. This unit seems to be the easiest for me. Maybe because I'm doing more of my homework. It's great when I don't have to work! Well this chapter was about more applications on derivitives. Since we know a lot about derivitives already I guess that's why everbody finds this unit a bit easier. What I really liked was how we studied on word problems. I know I'm not particularly great in word problems, but it's like a break from all the numbers and crazy variables. They are included in the questions, however I like figuring out the picture. It's challenging, even though I usually get them kind of wrong :) But we did a lot of group problems that involved this kind of work. So I hope there's some on the test tomorrow. I reviewed some of the review questions and I only got half way. Hopefully I'll get to class really early to look at that answer book. I didn't really understand some of them, or parts of them. Well I guess it's time for some major studying again. My new goal is to review all my notes I did in that day so I won't forget it. That way it'll be new in my brain. It's difficult though, because it takes a lot of time. But I will try my very hardest!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, WE CAN DO IT!!! DONT FORGET TO ADD C. :D

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