December 16, 2006

DAY 63

Heey guys! I know I said I'd have the post up by Friday, but I gave blood and fainted so I slept all day. Anyway, I'm good to go now, so let the calculus begin!
In order to solve these kind of problems, you'll need three things:
-the derivative
-the values of the closed interval plugged into the equation
-the Mean Value Theorem

First, we take the values in the closed interval, and plug those in to the equation.

Then, we find the Mean Value Theorem.

Next, we find the derivative of the function.

We take the Mean Value Theorem, and the derivative to solve for c.

the same
above to
solve for c.



HMWK is Exc. 5.6 Questions 1-14

Also, if you haven't already done so, comment on Christian's story for the Panda Project.

And, think about your integral pictures...

Last but not least, JANN is tomorrow's scribe =)

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