December 20, 2006


This unit just flew by. I liked this unit, but when I did the pre-test I was like ... NOO! I completely blanked out and spent most of my time worrying about it.
I think the problem for me was the arithmetic part. I would get the right idea, but I would write the equation or something like that wrong. The optimization problems were alright i guess. I liked the mean value theorem. It was the easiest to understand. Antiderivatives were tricky. I found it alright. Mr. K explained it a WHOLE lot better than in the textbook. I'm not a textbook kinda person. I either get confused or can't get interested in it. The holidays played a part in my laziness this past unit. School just sort of drags on because you can't wait and thats BAD because thats when things get crazy! I had like three other tests to study for. It's like they all plan to make it like that- to get you all busy, worried, and crazy. And it doesn't help when people, like my bonkers family, getting even more crazy over stuff they should have did a long time ago. Kind of sounds familiar, doesn't it... XD. Good luck to you all and don't forget C.

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