December 04, 2006


Another unit past and yet another test to be written =S. Surprisingly when the unit first started everything seemed so easy and I understood everything that we were learning. I figured "alright! this unit is gonna help my mark soooo much!". My excitement basically ended there. As the unit went on I found things more complicating and much harder to understand, I wasn't getting it. This is definately a tough unit and I pretty sure the test is going to be a tough one too. Learning the Differentiating Rules weren't too bad, it was actually keeping them all in your brain and knowing when and how to apply each of them to questions is what got me off whack a bit. Then we went into related rates problems and everything went down hill from there. So I'm praying a good amount of studying will help me produce a better result then I'm predicting coming into the test tomorrow. I'm more or less clinging at the end of the cliff desperately trying to pull myself back up. Hopefully I got enough strength.

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