December 12, 2006

Scribe post

Well, I guess I(Anh) am your scribe for today and I'd like to start off by thanking Lindsay for taking my scribe day yesterday =). Anyways we didn't get much done in class today because of the fire bell...thats $500.00 out of the school's funds for something that I don't think was necessary. It was a lot of fun freezing in the cold outside though (trying to be sarcastic)...haha..anyways onto the math.

We started the class of with questions on the board like always...

question 1

An open rectangular box with a square base is made from 48 ft squared of material. What dimensions will result in a box with largest possible volume?

question 2

A sheet of cardboard 3 ft by 4 ft will ne amde into a box by cutting equal sized squares from each corner and folding the four edges. What will be the dimensions of the box with the largest volume?

question 3

A cylindrical can is to hold 20π m cubed. The material for the toop and bottom costs $10/m squared and the material for the sides cost $8/m squared. Find the radius, r, and height, h, of the most economical can.

Mr.K was trying to be ambitous like he always is and tried really hard to squeeze in the "classic" optimizing question but we were saved by the bell.

Homework is ex 5.4 questions 10-18
Test is on Friday! So study!!!

Anyways I was so hungry I decided to draw this..=)

Next scribe : Charlene =)

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