December 19, 2006

Blogon Blog #5

Todays class was interesting! Pre-test today, yeaup.. scribe on it is down there. At first this unit was flowing like water to me, I got it all. I don't know happened... This pre-test was hard! At least for me. I got like 2 multiple choices right? And one part in the long answer? Ouch, it hurts. It might be because I haven't been doing alllll my homework, because I felt like it was enough. I guess not. I need to start cracking down full force on this calculus business. The optimization problems and related rate stuff are fun to me, because I know I can do it (most of them anyway). Most of my time was invested in those types of problems, but it wasn't on there. When I looked at the paper, I completely blanked as it looked completely new to me. It's an eye opener, cause the exam would probably be the same way! I think I just need to invest more time in more types of questions, and do allll of my homework, but that won't be till after the holidays (can't wait!). I just don't have anymore time. Well it's because I chose not to have any time by getting involved with things. Okay enough with my life story. I'm going to study study study for this test now, 3 hours already past just like that prior to doing my scribe earlier =(. GOODLUCK EVERYONE! And wish me luck , too... cause i need it =).

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